Fan Based Air Cooler

Rasika Duty Duct Air Cooler

Product Details:

Air Quantity 9000CFM
Airflow 9000CFM
Water Consumption 90lph
Net Weight 200
Motor Standard
Noise 75dB
Cooling Area 1200 Sq.ft
Area Covers Appx Sqft 1200Sq.ft
Usable Area Industrial Theatre Hospital Hall
Height 5
Ballrooms And Discos Occupancy 15
Ballrooms And Discos Outdoor Air Required 15
Bars Occupancy 20
Cooling Effect 90% Efficiency
Dimension 5feet*5feet*5feet
For Rooms Upto Cubic Feet 180000
Forges Air Changes 15
Foundries Air Changes 25
Gambling Casinos Occupancy 20
Game Rooms Occupancy 20
Garages Air Changes 30
Generator Rooms Air Changes 35
Hardware Stores Outdoor Air Required 25
Hospital Operating Rooms Outdoor Air Required 25
Hospital Patient Rooms Occupancy 25
Kitchens Air Changes 30
Laboratories Occupancy 25
Laboratories Outdoor Air Required 25
Laundries Air Changes 25
Libraries Occupancy 25
Theatres Outdoor Air Required 25
Toilets Air Changes 25
Capacity 200 ltr, 400 ltr, 800 ltr, More than 800 ltr
Model No. Rasika R800
Type Evaporator, Cabinet air cooler
Material Metal, Any
Cellulose Pad Thickness Inch 8
Cooling Pad Area Sq Ft 12
Discharge Options 1 inch outlet
Fan Diameter 30
Water Tank 200
Brand Rasika DRI
Size Large
Indian Made Product Heavy Quality Body Low Electric Consumption yes
Temperature Difference Minimum 15 If Outer Temp 45 yes

Owing to the efforts of our dedicated team of professionals, we have been constantly engaged in offering the best quality of Industrial Air Cooler.


  •  Fan Controller System

  • Control Panel Consisting

  • Humidity Controller System

  • Low Voltage Indicator

  • Munters Cooling Pads


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